Drugs in Siddha

Drugs in Siddha medicines Saint Thiruvalluvar explains four requisites of successful treatment in the name of medicine. There are the patient, the physician, the medicine and the pharmacist. It is commensurate to all system of medicine. The Siddha drug delivery system is classified in to internal medicine and external therapies. The medicines are prepared from Mooligai(Medicinal plants), Thadu(Inorganic substances) and Sangamam(Animal products).

The Inorganic resources are special and unique strength of Siddha medicine, further classified as Uppu( water-soluble Inorganic substances or drugs give out vapour when put in to fire), Padanam(drugs not dissolved in water but emit vapour when fired, Uparasam(similar topadanam but differ in their fast action), Ulogam( not dissolved in water but melt when fired), Sootham( drugs which are compound of mercury).

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