“BRAHMA MUHOORTHA” -A scientific explanation on waking up early.

alm ayush – ayruveda – wake up early

Ashtanga Hridaya , one of the principle texts of Ayurveda states,

“Brahme muhurte uttishtet swastho raksharthamaayushaha |”(A.H.Su.2/1)

That is, waking up in Brahma Muhoortha is the key to maintain a healthy life.
Dinacharya, aka, daily routine is one of Ayurveda’s fine contribution to human kind. And Dinacharya begins with waking up early.

What is Brahma Muhoortha?

Brahma Muhoortha is the second last muhoortha before sunrise, which is one hour thirty six minutes before sunrise. Brahma means knowledge. The time apt for perceiving knowledge is known as Brahma Muhoortha.

The modern scientific approach to Brahma Muhoortha.

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Benefits of Massage (ABHYANHGAM)

alm ayush – Benefits of Massage

Acc to Ashtanga Hridaya,
“Abhyangam aachareth nityam…”

Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic holistic healing massage therapy (and NOT a conventional massage )with innumerable health benefits. It is considered that there is no better expression of self-love like anointing ourselves from head to toe with warm, medicated oil. This practice of full-body oil massage is known as Abhyanga. Similar to the experience of being loved, the practice nourishes the body, reinstates the balance of doshas and improves one’s well-being and longevity.

Abhyanga has several therapeutic effects as well. So it is important to note that this very procedure is both nourishing and therapeutic. A good Ayurveda physician can help in choosing the right medicine for a particular person, in regard with his/her disease, body constitution and habits.


👉Retards ageing
👉Overcomes fatigue
👉Decreases aggravated Vata
👉Imroves clarity of vision
👉Renders nourishment
👉Good sleep
👉Good skin
👉Sturdy physique.
👉Imparts tone and vigor to the dhatus (tissues) of the body
👉Stimulates the internal organs of the body, increasing circulation

Abhyanga should be prescribed by a qualified Ayurveda Physician with due regard to one’s habit, congeniality and temperament and to the climate and the season of the year as well as to the preponderance of the deranged dosha or doshas in one’s physical constitution.


alm ayush – Udvartana

Udvartana – upward massage is a technique that is practiced to perfection by many Ayurveda physicians. 

Udvartana is basically massage done in upward direction. It is mainly practiced using medicated powders.


👉Destroys accumulated kapha
👉Lyses accumulated fat
👉Strengthens the body
👉Improves complexion
👉Removes foul smell
👉Lifts off the heaviness of body
👉Opens up the blocked channels
👉Improves circulation
👉Cleanes the body.

Used in a both therapeutic and rejuvenating way.

PCOS & Infertility Solutions in Ayurveda

ALM Ayush – PCOS & Infertility SOlutions in Ayurveda

PCOS or poly cystic ovarian syndrome is one of the major health concerns in the modern era.
It is defined as the presence of uncharacteristic cysts in the ovary accompanied with a multitude of other physical and psychological changes.


1.Menstrual irregularities
4.Hirutism(unwanted/over hair growth)
6.Acanthosis nigrens(thick blackened skin over the folds of the body like neck, armpits etc..)
7.Psychological symptoms.

Ayurvedic Perspective

With its wide array of symptoms, the Ayurvedic perspective of treatment of PCOS comes under complete detoxification of the body while relieving the symptoms. Rather than just taking care of just one symptom, the treatment considers the individual as whole and helps her. The main courses of treatment include,
1. Dhatwagni deepana(there by promotes ovulation)
2. Sthoulya chikitsa(cares for obesity and related problems)
3. Sodhana chikits(detoxification)
4. Kapha medohara chikitsa(eliminates the root cause)

ADHD and Ayurveda

ADHD and Ayurveda

“ADHD is real and valid. The sooner we recognize the patterns and learn to work with these kids, the better assured we will be that they as adults with be healthy members of society- Rhonda Van Diest”

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is one of the most prevalent neuro developmental dysfunction of childhood.


2.Hyper activity

A kid is diagnosed to be Attention Deficit ONLY if he exhibits six sub-symptoms of inattention and six or more combined sub-symptoms of both hyper activity and impulsivity.

Ayurvedic Approach

Ayurveda views ADHD as a disease involving both Vata and Pitta. It routes the cause of illness from the parents and symptoms to the kid.
Treatment includes detailed counselling sessions for both the parents and the kid.

Internal medicines are aimed at reducing the vitiated Dosha in the kid and intends to improve his/her span of attention and decrease the hyper activity.
Also treatments like Abhyanga, Siro dhara, Talapothichil, can aid in the course of recovery.


alm ayush migraine ayurveda treatment

“Do you often feel like your head is splitting in two??”
“Want the lights OFF?? Should people just keep QUIET??”

Well, that is not because you are mood off,, 
you may be having a MIGRAINE……

A migraine is a primary headache disorder characterized by recurrent headaches that are moderate to severe.

The exact cause of migraine is not yet decoded. It is usually stimulated by different reasons in different individuals.

Symptoms include
1. One sided throbbing/pulsating headache.
2. Nausea
3. Vomiting
4. Photo sensitivity/intolerance to light.

In Ayurveda, migraine is included under the siro rogas(diseases of head) and is named as Ardhavabhedaka/Soryavarthaka. It is a disease the primarily involves the Pitta and Vata.

1. Sirodhara- Regulated, controlled pouring of medicated oil/liquid over the forehead and the allowing it to flow through the scalp.
2. Sirovasthi- Retaining of oil over the scalp for a specific period of time in a specifically made frame.
3. Sirolepa- Application of medicated paste over the head.
4. Nasya- Instillation of medicated oil into the nose.


alm aysuh nasyam ayurveda treatment

Administration of medicines through nasal route is called Nasyam.

a)Best method to eliminate Doshas vitiated above the throat.
b)Direct influence to the sense organs.
c)Better absorption
d)Widespread action.

x Low dosage but quick effects.
x Little to no side effects.
x Cost effective

1. Benefits infertility and other gynaec cases because of its HPG axis action
2. Nourishes sense organs.
3. Promotes hair growth
4. Prevents premature greying or hair and signs of early ageing.
5. Clears the voice and improves its clarity.
6. Useful in a number of diseases.


* Ophthalmic diseases
* Psychiatric illness
* Nasal allergy/polyp/bleeding
* Sinusitis
* Migraine
* Infertility
* Cosmetic concerns
* Premature greying of hair
* Insomnia
* Cervical spondylosis/spondylitis
* Frozen shoulder
* Amenorhhea etc


alm ayush female infertility – ayurveda

“It is possible, if you believe..”

Infertility is defined as the failure to conceive after one/more years of regular unprotected sexual intercourse.

Ayurveda literature define infertility as Vandyatwa in general and has described six varieties.

Treatment via Ayurveda intends to ensure that the four essentials of attaining a pregnancy, viz;

*Rtu(fertile period of a women)
*Kshetra(reproductive organs) 
*Ambu(the body fluids/nutritive fluids) 

and also the Shadbhavas(the six factors essential to attain a healthy baby).

Treatment protocols
1. Consultation and Counselling session(mandatory for both the husband and wife).
2. Agni deepana Chikitsa(regulating the digestion; because only through a proper digestion the Dhatus/tissues are nourished and thus helps in attaining a pregnancy).
3. Nidana parivarjana(identifying any underlying cause/disease for infertility and the treating it)
4. Sodhana chikits(detoxifying the body through monitored Pancakarma process including an Uttara vasthi)

All the processes come along with oral intake of medicines that are required at each step, which is also very important.


alm ayush insomnia – ayurveda treatment

“Morning: tired
Afternoon: dying for a rest
Night: can’t sleep”.

Is this your daily life??? Wondering what’s wrong with you??
Well you may be suffering from INSOMNIA!!!!

Insomnia is characterized by difficulty in falling and/or staying asleep.

-> Primary – Patient cannot fall asleep generally. There is no underlying health issue or diseases.
->Secondary – There is an underlying health concern/disease, substance abuse (alcohol/smoking/drugs), or mental health issue.
->Acute – Sudden onset
->Chronic – Long standing.

X Sleeping during day
X General tiredness
X Irritability
X Problems in concentration and memory


Ayurveda takes sleep/ nidra very seriously. It regards sleep as one of the 3 basic needs of human sustenance.

Insomnia is regarded as Anidra in Ayurveda. Ayurveda accepts the social, physical and mental aspects of an individual and treat him accordingly, and not just a single symptom.

Treatments can include-
✓Nidana parivarjana(removing the root cause, i.e; any underlying disease or such factors.
✓Sadya virechana.
✓Abhyanga- specially foot and head.
✓Siro dhara with milk/water/medicated thaila
✓Siro pichu.
✓Takradhara etc.

Along with this it is important to have oral medications also. Practicing Yoga and Pranayama will help in relieving the symptoms too.


alm ayush male infertility and ayurveda

Hope is never wasted..

Studies show that in couples experiencing infertility, approximately 35% is due to male factors. Male infertility is due to low sperm production, abnormal sperm function or blockages that prevent the delivery of sperm. Illnesses, injuries, chronic health problems, lifestyle choices and other factors can play a role in causing male infertility.


👉Ayurveda accounts the individual as a whole and not just the crust of the problem (here, infertility).
👉First modality of treatment is Deepana Chikitsa- that which regularize the digestion and thus the Dhatus(tissues)
👉Then specific cause of the problem is traced and treatment begins for that.
👉Nourishing therapies plus diet.
👉And finally we aim for the nourishment of Sukra Dhatu(sperm).