PCOS & Infertility Solutions in Ayurveda

ALM Ayush – PCOS & Infertility SOlutions in Ayurveda

PCOS or poly cystic ovarian syndrome is one of the major health concerns in the modern era.
It is defined as the presence of uncharacteristic cysts in the ovary accompanied with a multitude of other physical and psychological changes.


1.Menstrual irregularities
4.Hirutism(unwanted/over hair growth)
6.Acanthosis nigrens(thick blackened skin over the folds of the body like neck, armpits etc..)
7.Psychological symptoms.

Ayurvedic Perspective

With its wide array of symptoms, the Ayurvedic perspective of treatment of PCOS comes under complete detoxification of the body while relieving the symptoms. Rather than just taking care of just one symptom, the treatment considers the individual as whole and helps her. The main courses of treatment include,
1. Dhatwagni deepana(there by promotes ovulation)
2. Sthoulya chikitsa(cares for obesity and related problems)
3. Sodhana chikits(detoxification)
4. Kapha medohara chikitsa(eliminates the root cause)

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