alm aysuh nasyam ayurveda treatment

Administration of medicines through nasal route is called Nasyam.

a)Best method to eliminate Doshas vitiated above the throat.
b)Direct influence to the sense organs.
c)Better absorption
d)Widespread action.

x Low dosage but quick effects.
x Little to no side effects.
x Cost effective

1. Benefits infertility and other gynaec cases because of its HPG axis action
2. Nourishes sense organs.
3. Promotes hair growth
4. Prevents premature greying or hair and signs of early ageing.
5. Clears the voice and improves its clarity.
6. Useful in a number of diseases.


* Ophthalmic diseases
* Psychiatric illness
* Nasal allergy/polyp/bleeding
* Sinusitis
* Migraine
* Infertility
* Cosmetic concerns
* Premature greying of hair
* Insomnia
* Cervical spondylosis/spondylitis
* Frozen shoulder
* Amenorhhea etc

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