The actions of the mind alone are indeed actions; not so much those of the body. The body is really our thoughts, moods, convictions and emotions objectivised, made visible to the naked eyes.

It is a point worthy to note with care that every cell in the body suffers or grows, receives a life-impulse or a death-impulse, from every thought that enters the mind, for you tend to grow into the image of that which you think about most.

When the mind is turned to a particular thought and dwells on it, a definite vibration of matter is set up and often more of this vibration is caused, the more does it tend to repeat itself to become a habit, to become automatic and body tries to adapt such signals and forms a strong pattern which in turn becomes the shape .

The body follows the mind and imitates its changes. If you concentrate your thought, the eyes become fixed.and if your mind wanders your eyes blink and moves .

Every change in thought makes a vibration in your mental body and this, when transmitted to the physical body, causes activity in the nervous matter of your brain.

This activity in the nervous cells causes manyelectrical and chemical changes in them. It is thought-activity which causes these changes.

Our Nervous system works as a scanning machine, they just scan our mind and materialse it in our body, with what ever datas we feed .

So beware of what you think?? 
And what kind of signals you provide to your body ?

Answer – for the sacred geometry in our creation and gods ( cosmos) creation

Basically its not a answer its an point of view , everything starts from a point and ends in to point everyones as a philosophy, its actually a scientific sayings yes !!

Just think of our human creation , all our hands ,legs , eyes , nose etc what we have now came from a single cell and single data code contained in the sperm ( everything in one and one in everything) all the datas and consciousness needed to create us was contained in a single material manifestation.

After our death we become one thing leaving behind everything which we name it as body ,name ,fame etc we go to the point and fade in the cosmos

Same way it was Said in many spritual texts about creation of this universe that initially there was nothing then single one was manifested , which is nothing to singularity then it multiplies to form a various creation .

A single cell is now multiplied to form a complete human body and same way the universe. To know everything you should know the one thing which was the source of all .

Inoder to know the source and consciousness of that one thing ,there is a depiction in every architecture of temples and spritual spots , and also spritual symbols, temple is considered ad the womb of bliss to know our true self.

Nature also shows the same geometry of getting in to the source, that is just a dot or sphere of everything .

😇Sperms move towards the ovum to manifest itself in its full form of being

😇A sensation reach the brain to manifest itself as complete feel or expression.

😇We humans go to temple to gain the cosmic energy to know and manifest our true purpose to lead our life on earth .

” we are not the drop contained in an ocean, but a ocean contained in a drop”

To know that travel inward towards the source .


Code 4

Don’t avoid difficult situations. Normally we shape our lives so that we interact with people We dislike as little as possible.

We continually try to associate ourselves with people and situations which tune in with our emotional programming. As such we continue to live in a Way that reinforces and satisfies our individual prejudices.

Treat difficult situations and Enemies as the greatest teachers. It is they who can show us most clearly the way in which Our mental program works.

It is our enemies who bring to the surface our emotional Conflicts and prejudices. Just allow them to shape your life do not reject them or accept them just witness them neutrally.

Philosophical significance:

Grand master Bruclee used to say – dont knock out your opponent with a single punch or kick initially, you may win but you cannot learn about your weakness ,just allow him to attack you and move forward.

Medical significance:

Dont try to suppress your defending symptoms like fever, cold ,vomiting immediately by taking tablets or painkiller etc ,just allow them to boost you immunity and strengthen your defence mechanism against diseases.

Taking tablets for everything may get rid of your sufferings immediately temporarily but it weakness your immunity in a long run of health .

Spiritual significance:

All the test and pain given in life by cosmos (god) is to learn our weakness and strengthen it!! As soon as you learn you are free from sufferings , as soon as you escape you are making a self trap to make yourself fall.


Code 3

Watch your habituated reactions to people around you and to your environment. Watch How your attachment to the external can result in so much discontentment.

Try to reduce your Need to find happiness in outside things. This does not mean that you should not follow External attractions for this would result in suppression, which causes more harm than Good.

It means that you should carry on your life as it is now, but if you don’t get what you Want then accept it with a shrug of the shoulders, with a sense of detachment.

Spritual significance :

When you try to find happiness and content ment outside it always fails, because happiness is not a mood or emotions as everyone is thought till now ,
its not state of mind which comes as your inner being.

Philosophical significance:

There is no way to Happiness , happiness is the way !!

Medical significance :

Over expression and attachments leads to maniac and hypertension

Over suppression and detachments lead to depression and respiratory disorders.

Transform your emotions and feelings like energy one form to other and generate in a productive way like a sea waves which flows constantly up and down in its natural rhythm!!

Mind Engineering


Code 2

Accept yourself. Know that your actions are the result of your mental makeup. For this Reason doesn’t worry about your deficiencies and problems.

Accept your limitations. But at The same time feel the need to clean the mind of its conflicts. It is our inability to accept Ourselves that causes so much anguish in life.

Medical significance:

” cancer and many pyschosoamtic diseases having its root cause in lack of self acceptance and social acceptance “

Spritual significance:

Acceptance does not mean just accepting everything and being dumb and deaf ,its about conscious observation by sharpening your senses and detaching form its emotional connect which has nothing to do with it .

Philosophical significance:

It’s like chasing the snake which bitten us only kills us ,not the snake !!

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