Code 4

Don’t avoid difficult situations. Normally we shape our lives so that we interact with people We dislike as little as possible.

We continually try to associate ourselves with people and situations which tune in with our emotional programming. As such we continue to live in a Way that reinforces and satisfies our individual prejudices.

Treat difficult situations and Enemies as the greatest teachers. It is they who can show us most clearly the way in which Our mental program works.

It is our enemies who bring to the surface our emotional Conflicts and prejudices. Just allow them to shape your life do not reject them or accept them just witness them neutrally.

Philosophical significance:

Grand master Bruclee used to say – dont knock out your opponent with a single punch or kick initially, you may win but you cannot learn about your weakness ,just allow him to attack you and move forward.

Medical significance:

Dont try to suppress your defending symptoms like fever, cold ,vomiting immediately by taking tablets or painkiller etc ,just allow them to boost you immunity and strengthen your defence mechanism against diseases.

Taking tablets for everything may get rid of your sufferings immediately temporarily but it weakness your immunity in a long run of health .

Spiritual significance:

All the test and pain given in life by cosmos (god) is to learn our weakness and strengthen it!! As soon as you learn you are free from sufferings , as soon as you escape you are making a self trap to make yourself fall.

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