Answer – for the sacred geometry in our creation and gods ( cosmos) creation

Basically its not a answer its an point of view , everything starts from a point and ends in to point everyones as a philosophy, its actually a scientific sayings yes !!

Just think of our human creation , all our hands ,legs , eyes , nose etc what we have now came from a single cell and single data code contained in the sperm ( everything in one and one in everything) all the datas and consciousness needed to create us was contained in a single material manifestation.

After our death we become one thing leaving behind everything which we name it as body ,name ,fame etc we go to the point and fade in the cosmos

Same way it was Said in many spritual texts about creation of this universe that initially there was nothing then single one was manifested , which is nothing to singularity then it multiplies to form a various creation .

A single cell is now multiplied to form a complete human body and same way the universe. To know everything you should know the one thing which was the source of all .

Inoder to know the source and consciousness of that one thing ,there is a depiction in every architecture of temples and spritual spots , and also spritual symbols, temple is considered ad the womb of bliss to know our true self.

Nature also shows the same geometry of getting in to the source, that is just a dot or sphere of everything .

😇Sperms move towards the ovum to manifest itself in its full form of being

😇A sensation reach the brain to manifest itself as complete feel or expression.

😇We humans go to temple to gain the cosmic energy to know and manifest our true purpose to lead our life on earth .

” we are not the drop contained in an ocean, but a ocean contained in a drop”

To know that travel inward towards the source .

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