Recurrent Miscarriage

” Is recurrent abortion depressing you”-Fine solution with Homeopathy treatment.

Abortion or Miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of pregnancy before 20th week. Recurrent abortions is defined as the occurrence of 3 or more pregnancies that end in miscarriage of the fetus.


* Genetic or chromosomal abnormality
* Uterine abnormalities
* Antiphospholipid syndrome 
* Infection 
* Diabetes mellitus 
* Thyroid dysfunction
* Unknown cause

Homeopathy approach :

< It prevent recurrence of abortion by improving uterine hostility. 
< It helps in healthy implantation of fertile ovum. 
< Homeopathy medicine corrects imbalance of hormones which increase risk of miscarriage. 
< It corrects placental insuffiency 
< The treatment improves your immunity and also acts a prophylactic against infectious diseases during pregnancy.

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