Male Infertility and Homeopathic Approach

Infertility is growing problem world wide. It affects about one in every six couples, and researchers estimate about one in every three cases is due to fertility problems in the male partner alone.

“Don’t give up, if it’s a dream to have a children, there is a way in Alm AYUSH”.

Homeopathy approach:
* It is very fast to act and one of the natural and safest modes of treatment. 
*Homeopathy medicine not only effective on increasing sperm count but also helps in increasing sperm motility, sperm volume and abnormal sperm morphology. 
*Homeopathy also treats varicocele, imbalance in hormones. 
* It is effective for impotence and erectile dysfunction. 
* It promotes spermatogenesis. 
* It not only helps to increase normal sperm level in small testes but also in those male having only one testis.


* Drink lots and lots of water and juices. 
* Increase intake of fibre content foods.


* Avoid eating non veg, meat and soy foods. 
* Avoid use of plastic utensils,tinned foods. 
* Avoid exposure to electromagnetic waves. 
* Avoid smoking and intake of alcohol.

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