Pushkarmool is an Ayurvedic herb that offers path breaking results in chest pain, cough and respiratory discomfort. It is a useful herb that is used for treating bronchitis and heart diseases. The botanical name of this herb is Inula racemosa and it is probably one of the powerful herbs. It is basically an Asian plant belonging to the daisy family. The roots of this plant are used in the form of indigenous medicine and even as an expectorant. It is widely used in various health problems like asthma, chronic cough, sinusitis, cold, emphysema, lung collapse, and COPD. It is probably one of the most versatile herbs that can be used for its multiple medicinal benefits.

It possesses antifungal properties and is quite effective in curing pain, swelling and pus formation.
The powder of this herb is effective in treating tuberculoid ulcers when sprinkled on them or when the paste is applied on the ulcers

The powder or the paste is used for relieving painful swelling conditions.
The herb is helpful in stimulation the nervous system and the brain and therefore it is quite effective in vata and cerebral impairment disorders.

It works in the form of a blood purifier and cardiac supplement. Therefore, it is useful in blood disorders and cardiac debility.
Pushkarmool is the most effective drug for treating cardiac asthma.
It stimulates the kidneys and helps in increasing the formation of urine.
It helps in clearing the airways and in alleviating hiccups, dyspnoea and cough.
It strengthens the digestive tract and improves digestion.
Pushkarmool improves cardiac circulation, relieves weakness and boosts tissue metabolism.
It helps in reducing menstruation pain and facilitates normal flow.
It is also used in the form of an aphrodisiac.

Note- any herbal formulation should be under taken under the supervision of a ayush doctor ,self intake is always not adviceable.

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