Infertility in Homeopathy

Infertility means that couples have been trying to get pregnant with frequent intercourse for at least a year with no success[6 months for the couple above the age of 35 years]. Problems with fertility seems to be becoming more common. Inability to become pregnant, recurrent miscarriage and babies born very prematurely all occur frequently now a days. 

Homoeopathy works in infertility by: 1. Regulating ovulation in women. 2. Increasing sperm count and improving sperm motility in men. 3. Removing emotional blockage. 
4. Reducing stress. 
5. Treating depression and anxiety.

Homoeopathy ensures that there is a high positive chance in conceiving and also no further complications in the pregnancy. Homoeopathy re establishes the hormonal imbalance in the body and also rectifies the pathology with which the patient might not be in a state of conceiving.

The true and heartfelt goal of couples and doctors isn’t just a pregnancy, but a pregnancy with a good outcome – “a healthy mom and a healthy baby.”
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